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SVC Series Servo Motor Control Stabilizer

Model Packing SizeLxWxH (cm) N.W (kg)
1.5kVA 50x38.5x22.5 21
3kVA 58x43x28.5 25
4.5kVA 58x43x28.5 28
6kVA 48x39.5x76 30
7.5kVA 47.5x45x87.5 55
10kVA 47.5x45x87.5 60
15kVA 56x50x89.5 97
20kVA 64x55.5x97 120
30kVA 64x55.5x110 140
45kVA 79x58.5x128 210
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SVC series fully automatic high-precision A.C. voltage stabilizer consists of contact voltage regulator, sampling control circuit and servo motor. When in put voltage or load changes, sampling control circuit will sample and amplify the voltage, and the servo motor will rotate in the desired direction, turning the arm to regulate voltage until the output voltage is regulated into the rated one. It is of small size, light weight, reliable performance with no output waveform distortion. To guarantee its perfect quality, we adopt foreign advanced technology and import key parts and components of the voltage stabilizer. It is widely used in electrical appliances which need constant voltage power supply, and applied to many fields like home appliances, industrial production, scientific research and medical and health care. The product can be continuously used for a longtime with high efficiency and low power consumption.
The Three-phase Stabilizer has the following features:
Super capacity, high precision;
Adoped compensate vlotage technology; Wide input voltage range; Over voltage protection; Output voltage three phase auto-balance(individual control); With bypass system.

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