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SBW Series Compensation Stabilizer
 SG/SBW High Rated Compensation Stabilizer

Model Packing SizeLxWxH (cm) N.W (kg)
600kVA 105×75×213 2220
800kVA 110×110×205 2820
1000kVA 110×110×205 3650
1200kVA 120×120×225 4600
1500kVA 120×120×225 5430
2000kVA 146×130×225 7180
2500kVA 146×130×225 8000
3000kVA 146×130×225 10000
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The variation of network peak voltage, with the high power inductive load and the impact of the power grid lead to the grid voltage fluctuation, thereby threatening the safety of many expensive precision equipment, causing major losses directly or indirectly. According to the different needs of industry users for electric safety, we made personalized special series of industry stabilizers, hoping to use the power supply more stable, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win result. For the majority of imported equipment, production lines, construction equipment, elevators, medical equipment, textile machinery equipment, metal processing equipment and the characteristics of different domestic power supply, it is designed with regulator and transformer all in one. It is with the advantage of small in size, high stabilization precision, fast response, anti shock load capacity, good

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