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System Construction and Function
 Centralized control type III

Mainly targeted for evacuation places with emergency luminaire of general type LED and metal halid lamp or gas discharge lamp (the height space is more than 15M ).

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(1)For LED type emergency luminaire (isle, stairway ) with height of 4~6M, system adopts distribution device to supply power with DC low voltage.
(2)For evacuation application areas (with height of 8-15M) of 30~80W large power luminaire of high brightness and high illuminance (like museums,conference venues,theaters.,etc. ). Power is supplied with high voltage output by AC centralized power (i.e,EPS) /AC current (220VAC or 380VAC)
(3)For evacuation application areas (height of more than 15M like waiting hall, exhibition hall, stadium., etc. ) of 100~300W gas discharge lamp like high pressure sodium lamp, JONCHAN intelligent evacuation system with centrally connected power souce adopts high-speed switchover EPS as its output supply.

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